Why Jamaica is your family vacation destination

One of the things that is crucial to Jamaica’s economy is the tourism industry, and in Jamaica they take that fact very seriously. Jamaica is an ideal holiday destination for singles, couples, families or retirees, offering something for everyone.

Approximately two million tourists visit Jamaica each year. Some are first-time visitors, but travel agencies report that more than half of them are returning visitors returning because they love and appreciate everything Jamaica has to offer as a complete resort. No wonder Jamaicans cater to the tourism industry because tourism contributes nearly $ 1.5 billion to Jamaica’s economy each year, and that number continues to grow.

One of the many things that people love about Jamaica is the endless list of things to do and activities that appeal to almost everyone. You have a mountain terrain for hikers and adventurers who love hiking and mountaineering in the mountains in the center of the island. The cultural center has a mix of many cultures, and still maintains its own identity unique to Jamaica. Golf courses in Jamaica are some of the best in the world. The weather is moderate and mild throughout the year. And of course, as an island, you have miles and miles of pristine beaches and crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean where you can have fun.

Jamaica is home to an “all-inclusive resort,” where this type of resort originated. In this type of resort, everything is included at one price, so you know how much you need to spend before you even leave the house. Many people go straight to the resort and have no need to go out of the resort until it’s time to go home! In these resorts you have many activities like swimming, scuba diving, diving, jet skiing, lounging by the pool, shopping, even golf. Some of these resorts have bike paths with bikes that you can rent if you want to exercise a bit on holiday.

Couples and teens will enjoy Jamaica’s nightlife, jumping in every night with reggae music and live performers. For younger children, there are also a variety of activities, including nature trails, walks and fun on the beach. In fact, some comprehensive resorts can provide babysitting services with licensed and trained guards, who can keep your children busy and entertained for hours, including pirate treasure hunting!

No wonder you’ll want to come back again and again after trying Jamaica, as it’s one of the few destinations that offers something for everyone, and it really takes more vacation to have time to do everything Jamaica has to offer for a family vacation!