All-Inclusive are not the same

Do you feel overwhelmed by which all-inclusive to take your next precious vacation? Probably yes, given the number of different properties available that include the words all-inclusive in their name.

Buyer beware. Many resorts have different vibes, from family to risky. Here are a few comparisons to be aware of how wide this range could be.

Family can mean they have a kids ’club and, if they are, what age those clubs take. Is there a part of the property that includes other entertainment such as a slide, park or mini golf. Are there entertainment shows exclusively for children? Room occupancy – resorts think that a typical family consists of four people, but we know that is simply not true. In which properties can families larger than their typical family of four be accommodated. What are the benefits of a children’s room? Does the resort brand partner with a particular character brand?

For adults only. At what age is someone considered an adult. Some characteristics of a 16-year-old are considered an adult, while others may be considered an adult 18 or 21 years old. Some resorts will require someone over the age of 21 or 25 to be in a room with younger adults. Some resorts will not allow spring break, and those that usually include a supplement for insurance. What type of liqueur is offered – top shelf? How many restaurants have ala cart. Are you required to book in ala cart restaurants? Are there any additional costs when ordering lobster, steak and others? Are you required to wear a ribbon confirming that you are a guest at their resort? What kind of adult entertainment is offered? What is the vibe in the resort (e.g. foam parties, loud DJ). Is there a quiet part on that property? Which VIP clubs are offered and if so, what do they include?

In addition to all these questions, another important one would be the proximity of the resort by the beach – is it located on the beach itself? Either a walk or a ride is needed at a certain distance to reach the beach. What amenities are offered on the beach, such as chairs / towels / waiting services. Is there a VIP section for those buying in this room category where special benefits are offered? How much is the property? Will I have to take a wheelchair to move around the property? How many pools are there and how many are a pool bar? Is the resort more about wellness or fun in the sun.

As you can see, the list of comparisons continues. Although most resorts offer comprehensive websites, it can be difficult to get answers to all your questions. And, even then, you really can’t be guaranteed that all your settings are checked.

Then it’s important to understand which resorts can fulfill most of your desires and which is the better way to work with a professional travel advisor. Anyone who is hellishly ready to keep up with visiting the destinations their clients travel to, attends trade shows and meets regularly with vendors who are there to help if a guest has trouble checking into a resort. Sure, you can check the Internet, but are you absolutely sure that the resort you have chosen is the one for you and your companions?

Why not use the services of someone who not only knows, but is up to date with current events / situations and has access to those resources to help you decide which resort best suits your needs / preferences.