Ski camps in Bariloche, Argentina – are they safe for children?

Many parents are unsure whether sending their children abroad to their favorite winter sport will be safe or not. Obviously, parents will be concerned about such problems, but the ski camps in Bariloche guarantee their services to look after every child in the city during their stay there.

The small town of Bariloche in Argentina, located on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, is a safe haven for skiers. This city amidst beautiful mountains offers a pleasant environment for ski lovers of all ages. The various summer snow programs conducted by a multitude of ski guides ensure a lot of care for your child.

Many companies even have records of successful attendance of clients aged 12-18 over 7 years. Counselors and coaches will lead the entire program by keeping a day-to-day supervision of your child. This tour can be an all-inclusive trip for your child, who in addition to enjoying the pleasures of skiing may also learn Castellano, a version of Spanish, staccato, which is spoken in this region and mingle with children from countries like Mexico, USA, Brazil , Spain, Ireland and others.

Things you need to know before sending your baby

You may be wondering how your child will manage all the trips, especially by changing the airport terminal to Bariloche. Good companies that offer such reservations will present your child with an exclusive airport shuttle service. Once your child is disembarked from the plane, they will need to go through customs that can be run by English-speaking airline authorities. As soon as your child clears customs, a travel company representative will direct him / her to the shuttle to the domestic airport. As soon as your child reaches Bariloche, another representative will bring him to the camp in Cerro Catedral. This whole procedure is repeated on the way back.

With such care, you can be sure that your child is completely in safe hands. During the stay, your child, based on his skills and the goal of the session, will be accepted for any free or side riding or skills in the park. A trainer will be present during these sessions to help your child. All campers are designed to carry Avalanche Beacon, Probe and Shovel for avalanche protection. The staff of these companies is AIARE certified for protection against avalanches and hinterlands.

You can be in contact with your protégés because base camps have a fixed connection, from where children can call you and vice versa. Various cultural events are performed regularly, providing abundant opportunities to get to know the local culture. Although the place is safe, children are advised to guard their property carefully as pickpockets sometimes occur. Another tip is to order travel insurance before you send your children here, if services from a nearby clinic or Sanitario San Carlos de Bariloche hospital become necessary, payment may be charged to your health insurance.