Enjoying your stay in Jamaica: A tourist guide to Jamaica

Jamaica above all offers beautiful water features. From the beaches surrounding the island to Ocho Rios Falls, visiting Jamaica is like a trip to paradise.

* Alligator Pond – a fishing area for a view of local life

* Falmouth – many resorts

* Kingston – the capital

* Blue Lagoon – beautiful water surrounded by tropical forest

* Negril Beach – a popular beach for tourists

* Dunn’s River Falls – Beautiful water falls in Ocho Rios

When to visit

There really is no bad time to visit Jamaica. Whenever you plan a trip to Jamaica, you will be greeted by the peaceful weather of the 70s to 80s. Lush tropical forests obviously need to have a little rain, but most of that rain falls in the mountains further on the island that tourists don’t visit. If it rains on the part of the island where you plan your trip to Jamaica, you can be sure it will only last for an hour or more and then disappear. It occasionally hits hurricanes, but very rarely. If you are worried about a hurricane, do not plan a trip between August and October. The winter months in the United States are usually the busiest tourist months as vacations try to escape the cold and snow. If you don’t want to travel to Jamaica during peak season, plan your vacation for the summer months.


When traveling to all inclusive resorts in Jamaica, hotel options are the best. These resorts are highly recommended as you will have a variety of food at your disposal and your excursions may even be included. These resorts can be found in Negril, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and other tourist areas on the beach. Sandals and couples are the largest resorts in Jamaica and provide superbly decorated hotel rooms in Jamaica. If you want to stay in Kingston, you are more likely to stay at a Jamaican hotel. Hotels in Jamaica are especially suitable for American luxury travelers. Jamaicans really know how to please a tourist.


Jamaican restaurants offer excellent island meals. Jamaica is known for its jerk chicken whose smell will make you drool and the taste will melt in your mouth. Be sure to order rum drinks at restaurants in Jamaica. The rum available on this island is among the best in the world. Also, save space for dessert and opt for tripe at least one day during your trip to Jamaica. This fruit, like a banana, is served fried and saturated with sugar. Don’t bring food to a Jamaican restaurant!

If you decide to stay at a resort, you will have a choice of restaurants from Jamaica on the property. But don’t be afraid to go from the resort to explore other restaurants. You’re unlikely to meet most “domestic, local” prices, as residents mostly live in the interior of Jamaica. But you will find Jamaican restaurants that cater to the most demanding travelers.

Things to do

Activities in Jamaica around the water must be done. You will find many things in the ocean. Sunbathing on the beach is of course a popular activity. Negril’s 7 mile beach is world famous and a beautiful area to enjoy the beauties of the Caribbean. You can also enjoy sunset cruises, scuba diving, jet skiing, kayak rental and more. In Negril you can rent a personal boat and paddle the water to your own private island and pledge your right to a beautiful part of Jamaican beach.

If you feel the need to take a break from the sun, head to Dunn’s River Falls. Here you will walk along a path that leads to many waterfalls. The road is shaded by a jungle-like environment full of beautiful indigenous flora and fauna in the park-like surroundings.

Although a trip to Jamaica is not known for its educational nature, there is a museum you may want to visit if you decide to head to the state capital of Kingston. When many people think of Jamaica, they think of reggae music and Bob Marley. If you want to learn a little about this side of the island, visit the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston.


What dreams consist of – Overview of Dreams Los Cabos Suites and Golf Resort

I’m standing in the middle of a roar

Surf-tormented shores,

And I hold it in my hand

Grains of golden sand …

Is everything we see or do,

But a dream in a dream?

– From Edgar Allen Poe’s “Dream in a Dream.”

The waves crash on the beach just a few steps from the comfort of the shaded hammock

which envelops me like a cocoon. A cold drink appears next to me. I pull my leg

sand as it sways side by side and looks out at the endless ocean ahead

yes. The drink cools me from the inside out and I wonder … am I awake or am I

to dream? If I dream, let no one wake me.

The Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort and Spa is very easy to reach, however

very difficult to leave. Located in the middle between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San

Lucas, this seaside resort is just as beautiful as the country that surrounds it. From

by the time you arrive and notice your name posted on a welcome board nearby

bellman’s kiosk, you just know this is going to be something special. Hello once

a carrier that quickly inspects your bags, takes you to the front desk where they are both

warm smiles and cold champagne flow freely. A few minutes later they follow you

arched hallways to your room overlooking the ocean, a glass of champagne in hand. If you are like

me, the first thing you do is go out on the balcony to see what you can see. I liked it

what I saw … nothing but the beach and clear, blue water.

The architecture combines an outdoor hacienda and colonial Mexican design

a golden coastal gem. The elaborate pillars are lined with marble floors, water landscapes

and lush landscaping, rich woods and unique works of art create elegance

atmosphere. Everywhere you look, there are arches. From the impressive entrance to

at the reception, these arches capture the eyes and draw attention to the fountains, the palm

trees, and at night gas pots that illuminate the many levels of the resort

mold flame. The colorful lighting of the beach is bathed in warm and exotic shades

deepening the beauty that Dreams Los Cabos. It is a feeling of mercy and

sophistication, but without any pretentiousness.

Dreams Los Cabos has 308 suites overlooking the ocean. The decor is bright and

underestimated by first-class furniture and luxury amenities such as bathrobes and

slippers, a welcome fruit basket and more champagne on ice, an impressive feat like

we were a few hours late, but the ice was just beginning to melt. The first impression is

that the management is focused on pampering its guests and have

gathered well-trained and courteous staff to carry out the task.

The apartments range from juniors offering one double or two double beds, a seating area with

sofa and coffee table and writing desk with fast ports for data transfer for those who

you need to be in touch or check for business problems. The next level is the resort

Luxury apartments with all the amenities of a Junior Suite, but with a separate living room

room with dining area. Continue up the list and you will find apartments Honeymoon Suites,

Governor Suites, Corner Suites, Two-Bedroom Master Suites and Cream Cream

cream – presidential suites with two or three bedrooms, entrances to the courtyard and ace

even three terraces. All rooms have ocean views.

Dreams Los Cabos is a comprehensive resort, a growing segment of Cabo

resort scene and offers all in all in a great way. Unlike most others

inclusive resorts, the all-inclusive concept here is even transferred to the room

bar. No mini-bottles of airplanes or cheap libations outside the brand have ever entered it

rooms. If you’re looking for an afternoon arrival or a pre-dinner drink, you

you don’t have to run out of your room because both alcoholic beverages and mixers are full-size, top shelf

and part of the package. Staff members complete the bar and room

refrigerator daily and early. The usual equipment can also be found in the room

including coffee maker, iron and ironing board, plus plenty of luxury toiletries

marble and tile bathrooms.

There is no shortage of choices when it comes time to satisfy your appetite. At five

restaurants on site, waiting for a table or limiting to a limited menu is not

a problem you will have to face in Dreams. For morning meals, order from room service or

visit El Patio or the sea grill which opens at 7:00 p.m. For your lunch

the choices grow with the joining of Ocean El Patio and Seaside Grill with a lunch hour

extended until 15:00 on El Patio, 16:00 on Oceani and until 17:00 on

From the sea. Go ahead, work a little longer on your tan, Dreams has what you need

whenever you are ready. Dinner means even more options like serving Himitsu

Pan Asian cuisine and Portofino, which serve Italian specialties, join the combination with all five

snack bars where dinner is served every night until 22:00 or 23:00. Looking for a little romance?

Staff will arrange a dinner on the sand with Tiki torches and candles. It’s not, though

enough options for you? Twenty-four-hour room service is just a phone call away.

With the wide range of maps that Dreams staff conjured up, the theme

entertainment, live night music and an outdoor movie screen add a combination. If you are old

enough to recall the good old days when movies were driven

American culture, a real treat awaits you. Lie in a padded lounger,

order a cocktail and enjoy a good movie while under the stars. Just know it is

it is not always easy to keep an eye on the screen when it is what surrounds you

beautiful as the night sky in Los Cabos.

As the football season is just beginning, Monday nights may never be the same. The back door

parties are part of the program and those eager for good old-fashioned tailgate

Food can sink your teeth into nachos, burgers, hot dogs and all football.

If they play the Philadelphia Eagles, look for Philly cheese steaks, that’s it

Chicago Bears, get a piece of Chicago-style pizza. It’s almost like they made it up

play here. The surround sound system makes you feel the game, not just watch it

and there’s nothing like a happy and loose crowd that makes the game so much fun

should be.

Recreational activities are a big part of why Cabo has become a lively tourist

It’s Mecca. On the spot, the resort has a variety of things to do to pass the time

including bungee jumper, aerobics classes, complete gym and fitness center and hosts

playgrounds that have rooms from tennis to volleyball and croquet. Out of reach

Reception staff can arrange activities including hiking and

mountain biking, golf, ATV tours and city tours. For those with more water

nature, try your luck in sport fishing, dive with fish in the sea Cortez or go

to the sea by our own personal craft just to name a few.

Kids aren’t forgotten in Dreams with the Explorer Kids Club. Absolutely

the supervised program is designed to entertain and enlighten younger audiences.

Activities change daily and are not only fun but also educational. The children are exploring

worlds of science and nature and is encouraged to participate in such events as

weekly camps in tents at the club. Parents can rest easy knowing they are theirs

Kids are safe and secure – the resort even offers a pager so entry

Contact with a parent is quick and easy if the need arises.

For many, all the recreation they want is to simply enjoy sunbathing by the pool

and that group will not be disappointed. Dreams Los Cabos three pictures-perfect

the pools, two with bars, are a paradise for sun lovers. The pool service is very good

the careful and lush gardens that surround them are just spectacular. If he gets a

a little to hot, grab a pool buoy.

After a long day of sunbathing, golf or fishing, nothing rejuvenates like a little time

spa. The dream spa is ready, from a facial treatment to a massage to a salty glow therapy,

willing and able to pamper even the most demanding traveler. If tanning

exhausted you and you can’t leave your room, it’s okay, they’ll come to you.

As a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts Dreams Los Cabos sets high standards

and not failing to meet it, it actually exceeded my expectations and it didn’t

a small undertaking. Beautiful architecture, outstanding staff, well equipped rooms

and attention to detail make this place a dream, just not the one I want to wake up to



Ocean View Junior Suites start at around $ 149.00 per person – All Inclusive

For current prices, visit the Dreams Los Cabos Resort website at []


Cruise planning – here’s how to save money

When planning a vacation with family and friends, you really sweat because you want to have fun, but at the same time you have to make sure that your plans do not burden your pocket. It’s true that you have to pay if you want to enjoy top-notch services, but there are a few insider tips everywhere to help you pinch a few coins.

This article talks about a few ways you could save money on your next cruise vacation. Look at them.

Early bird booking –

Book in advance, almost 6 to 8 months in advance. The circular lines offer excellent deals to travelers a few months before the travel date as a promotion strategy. Book during the wave season to get free or discounted airfare, cabin upgrades, free drink packages and other free on-board amenities.

Last minute bookings –

It may not be a very practical option for family, but if you are traveling with friends, alone or in pairs, you can book, pack and go. Last minute bookings, almost 3-6 weeks before the sailing date, can help you shave a few hundred dollars. The only disadvantage of this tactic is that you have to be content with what you are given (e.g. rooms without a balcony); there is no choice.

Travel out of season –

Off-season passengers can earn a great price on a cruise ship vacation. Prices are still falling during the hurricane season. The advantage of off-season travel is that you can escape the crowds and enjoy a relaxing and peaceful holiday.

Grab sales and discounts –

As for vacations on cruise ships, the tourism industry has plenty of sales and promotions. To get the latest updates, you can register with a travel agency specializing in cruises and vacations or sign up for newsletters. Such sales do not offer savings of more than 50%. This is advice that tells you which offer can be trusted and which can’t.

Shorter cruise –

Can’t afford a day off on a cruise ship? You can always book for a shorter one. Due to the demand for shorter cruises and more affordable prices, many cruise lines offer cruise trips closer to home. It is more economical if you save most of the plane ticket.

Book on board –

If you are a travel enthusiast and plan to take more cruise holidays in the future, you can book on board. It is not exactly a reservation, but a credit that can be applied to any future reservation you make for a cruise vacation. Benefits include flexibility in choosing travel dates, itineraries and cruise ships and a reduced deposit amount. The deposit amount is refundable.

Savings on board –

Other tips you can use to save on a cruise ship vacation include the following:

· Instead of booking all-inclusive airfare packages, make your own reservations for airline tickets and excursions.

· Pack a little to reduce the cost spent on luggage charges.

· Pre-sale meal and spa packages.

· Try to avoid buying a package of drinks; if the cruise line allows you, you can bring your own bottle of wine or champagne.

· Wash your own laundry.


Top 5 Sightseeing in Riviera Maya

The Maya Riviera is one of the most enchanting places on Earth. It stretches along the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and offers some of the best beaches with sand so fine it seems like flour between your toes. Caribbean outings are picturesque and provide everyone with breathtaking experiences.

Thanks to the diverse range of activities, all the interesting places to visit and the millions of things to see, each holiday is a unique experience. From the ruins of Tulum to diving on the Great Reef of the Maya, there really is something to enjoy; adventure seekers and golfer-like!

Here is a list of the top 5 places to look at and what to do on the Riviera Maya (no special order, EVERYONE is amazing):

1. The ruins of Tulum

The city of Tulum is the only known archaeological site located by the sea. The party acted as the main port for Cobá, the great city of the Maya. Over 60 well-preserved buildings can be found here, including the Fresco Temple, a small shrine that marks a breakthrough in the coral reef, and Castillo. This is a truly remarkable place saturated with history. You can’t miss it!

2. Golf

The Riviera Maya is home to many championship-style golf courses. Puerto Aventuras is definitely a step above the rest with its 36-hole golf course. This unique course was designed by Thomas Lehman. Surrounded by lush tropical foliage and encounters with iguanas, deer and various tropical birds, this is truly a course of gold in the jungle. Enjoy!

3. Maya expedition from the jungle

Get ready for a real adventure! The Jungle Maya expedition from Alltournative begins with an off-road vehicle ride that takes you to the Nohoch Nah Chich Cenote system. Here you will dive into deep caverns exploring stalagmite and stalactite formations. After a bit of scuba diving, hop back into the Unimog (4X4) and cross the jungle where you will see a variety of footprints of flora, fauna and animals! The journey takes you to Yax-muul, the most amazing natural pool in the Mexican Caribbean for a little more scuba diving. Upon your return to Rancho San Felipe, a traditional May lunch awaits you.

4. Swim with dolphins

Delphinus Riviera Maya is the best bathing area with dolphins. Located just 10 minutes south of Playa del Carmen, this makes it a very convenient place for most travelers. The dolphinarium is protected by an extraordinary natural formation that covers Ana Claudia. With Dolphin an area of ​​108,000 ft. Delphinus Riviera has several programs, including Primax Swimming – Swimming with dolphins and spending time with them in the water, Dolphin rides – Dolphin rides and interaction activities, One – Spend once with a dolphin and trainer one hour and Dolphin Trainer one day – 8 hours with by coach learning about dolphin care, training, scientific research, veterinary program and breeding program.

5. Yaxché

Experience Mayan cuisine in Yaxché. The dishes are mostly based on vegetables and seafood. Shrimp tacos are one of the recommended appetizers and for a reason they are delicious! Some of the other culinary delights include Xtoloc – crepe stuffed with cheese sprinkled with paprika and Kinitch chicken – delicious, marinated and grilled chicken. Delicious!

This is by no means a complete list of things to do and see on the Riviera Maya. These are just some of the finest things we found during the holidays and recommendations from friends, family and clients. Start planning your Riviera Maya adventure by calling 866-365-8747.


All-Inclusive are not the same

Do you feel overwhelmed by which all-inclusive to take your next precious vacation? Probably yes, given the number of different properties available that include the words all-inclusive in their name.

Buyer beware. Many resorts have different vibes, from family to risky. Here are a few comparisons to be aware of how wide this range could be.

Family can mean they have a kids ’club and, if they are, what age those clubs take. Is there a part of the property that includes other entertainment such as a slide, park or mini golf. Are there entertainment shows exclusively for children? Room occupancy – resorts think that a typical family consists of four people, but we know that is simply not true. In which properties can families larger than their typical family of four be accommodated. What are the benefits of a children’s room? Does the resort brand partner with a particular character brand?

For adults only. At what age is someone considered an adult. Some characteristics of a 16-year-old are considered an adult, while others may be considered an adult 18 or 21 years old. Some resorts will require someone over the age of 21 or 25 to be in a room with younger adults. Some resorts will not allow spring break, and those that usually include a supplement for insurance. What type of liqueur is offered – top shelf? How many restaurants have ala cart. Are you required to book in ala cart restaurants? Are there any additional costs when ordering lobster, steak and others? Are you required to wear a ribbon confirming that you are a guest at their resort? What kind of adult entertainment is offered? What is the vibe in the resort (e.g. foam parties, loud DJ). Is there a quiet part on that property? Which VIP clubs are offered and if so, what do they include?

In addition to all these questions, another important one would be the proximity of the resort by the beach – is it located on the beach itself? Either a walk or a ride is needed at a certain distance to reach the beach. What amenities are offered on the beach, such as chairs / towels / waiting services. Is there a VIP section for those buying in this room category where special benefits are offered? How much is the property? Will I have to take a wheelchair to move around the property? How many pools are there and how many are a pool bar? Is the resort more about wellness or fun in the sun.

As you can see, the list of comparisons continues. Although most resorts offer comprehensive websites, it can be difficult to get answers to all your questions. And, even then, you really can’t be guaranteed that all your settings are checked.

Then it’s important to understand which resorts can fulfill most of your desires and which is the better way to work with a professional travel advisor. Anyone who is hellishly ready to keep up with visiting the destinations their clients travel to, attends trade shows and meets regularly with vendors who are there to help if a guest has trouble checking into a resort. Sure, you can check the Internet, but are you absolutely sure that the resort you have chosen is the one for you and your companions?

Why not use the services of someone who not only knows, but is up to date with current events / situations and has access to those resources to help you decide which resort best suits your needs / preferences.


Travel arrangements in Jamaica

One of the most fascinating experiences in life is the opportunity to travel by air to beautiful places in the world. It’s a spectacular sight to sit on a plane and take pictures below as you hover in the clouds. This is an opinion shared by many visitors after seeing the picturesque places flying over Port Antonio or Ocho Rios in Jamaica. Such is the fact that tourists who are looking for air travel packages to Jamaica will do so in order to reach the island, as well as to explore various resorts and attractions.

This is a welcome change for some people as they have the opportunity to spend holidays abroad and also take a break from riding the bus or train. Is there a better way to do this than to find discount rates and get to your destination in a much faster time. Some people need a lot of nerves to embark on this exciting journey for the first time, but once they do, it is a continuous event. It is possible that the only thing that will stop these trips will be high ticket prices, but with attractive travel packages provided by airlines like American Airlines and Air Jamaica, it will reduce overall costs.

There are other factors that can help you and prevent you from spending a huge amount on travel, see the following:

Without a doubt, one of the attractive factors for spending a vacation in Jamaica is the opportunity to get an all inclusive package for staying in luxury resorts and traveling on comfortable flights. This is made possible by the large number of resorts that can be found in the main resort areas of Negril, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay, Kingston and Port Antonio. They combine resources with airlines and other companies to offer rooms, airline tickets, car rentals, tours and more, all at one incredible price.

Similar to other popular destinations, it is also possible to book online for your holidays in Jamaica. Even if you opt for more secluded villas on the hills of Torado heights Montego Bay, on the travel site you will find options to book your stay. This is not surprising because the use of technology is taking over the world and hotels and airlines cannot afford to lose their jobs at this time. So, you can take your credit or debit card and prepare to buy an air travel package in Jamaica as soon as a lot of it appears on the market.

However, do not forget to do research, because the time of day and the season in which you travel will affect the price of tickets. For example, if you plan to travel to Montego Bay in December, you can expect to pay high prices for flights and hotels. During this time, the peak prices of the season will be added to everything, and you may not even find available flights and rooms. So, if you are looking forward to savings, pay attention to the special offers in the off-season and reduce your travel package to almost half.

You will find a number of other strategies that will give you the opportunity to save on air travel. Don’t forget to look for the ideal promotion that will give you the opportunity to explore the island on one of the domestic flights and see the beautiful view below. You are guaranteed to feel the excitement and adrenaline rush like never before, especially when you see the country in the cockpit on the west side of the island.


Discovering a comprehensive holiday in Peru

One of the main reasons why hundreds of thousands of tourists fly to Peru every year is a visit to Machu Picchu. However, there is much more about Peru than this famous historical site. Once you get to know the places you have to visit, you’ll be surprised at how short the usual ten-day all-inclusive vacations are. To help you, we have come up with a list to help you identify what you MUST NOT miss on a trip to Peru.

Rediscover the lost city that is Machu Picchu.

No trip or any holiday offer in Peru is ever complete without seeing the remains of this city. Machu Picchu, considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is one of the cities in Peru that the Spaniard missed while colonizing the rest of the city. The result is these enigmatic and beautiful remnants of a community rich in culture in its most absolute form.

Explore the alluring Amazon rainforest.

One of the reasons why you don’t have to be willing to delete this from your list while you’re in Peru is that Peru has the second largest amount of Amazon rainforest after Brazil. Admire the beauty of nature as you discover the extremely diverse ecosystem in the Amazon rainforest. You will learn to appreciate nature more when you see some of the finest flora and fauna any forest has to offer. Also, isn’t the idea of ​​sleeping in a cabin in the middle of a quiet forest tempting enough?

Fly over the mysterious Nazca lines.

One of the most striking attractions of Peru are the famous Nazca lines located in the plains of the Nazca desert. To fully appreciate its beauty, you must fly across the desert to see these massive geoglyphs created in Nazca culture between 400 and 650 AD.

Dive deeper into Inca culture by visiting the Holy Valley.

Learn more about the textiles of the native Peruvians while traveling to the Holy Valley. Here you will come to an inaccuracy with the Incans who are the champion of the world famous textile. You can even see up close how some of their prized items are made using their most prized looms. Another thing to do in the Holy Valley is that you are at the very source of the famous Peruvian pink salt. The process of harvesting these salts dates back to Inca times.

And finally, satisfy the customer in you by visiting the Cusco handicraft.

Here you will find great deals that are usually worth a fortune in the United States. You can add a Peruvian touch to your kitchen at home (tablecloths, bowls, cups) for less than $ 30. Just make sure they are included in the all-inclusive package.


Why Jamaica is your family vacation destination

One of the things that is crucial to Jamaica’s economy is the tourism industry, and in Jamaica they take that fact very seriously. Jamaica is an ideal holiday destination for singles, couples, families or retirees, offering something for everyone.

Approximately two million tourists visit Jamaica each year. Some are first-time visitors, but travel agencies report that more than half of them are returning visitors returning because they love and appreciate everything Jamaica has to offer as a complete resort. No wonder Jamaicans cater to the tourism industry because tourism contributes nearly $ 1.5 billion to Jamaica’s economy each year, and that number continues to grow.

One of the many things that people love about Jamaica is the endless list of things to do and activities that appeal to almost everyone. You have a mountain terrain for hikers and adventurers who love hiking and mountaineering in the mountains in the center of the island. The cultural center has a mix of many cultures, and still maintains its own identity unique to Jamaica. Golf courses in Jamaica are some of the best in the world. The weather is moderate and mild throughout the year. And of course, as an island, you have miles and miles of pristine beaches and crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean where you can have fun.

Jamaica is home to an “all-inclusive resort,” where this type of resort originated. In this type of resort, everything is included at one price, so you know how much you need to spend before you even leave the house. Many people go straight to the resort and have no need to go out of the resort until it’s time to go home! In these resorts you have many activities like swimming, scuba diving, diving, jet skiing, lounging by the pool, shopping, even golf. Some of these resorts have bike paths with bikes that you can rent if you want to exercise a bit on holiday.

Couples and teens will enjoy Jamaica’s nightlife, jumping in every night with reggae music and live performers. For younger children, there are also a variety of activities, including nature trails, walks and fun on the beach. In fact, some comprehensive resorts can provide babysitting services with licensed and trained guards, who can keep your children busy and entertained for hours, including pirate treasure hunting!

No wonder you’ll want to come back again and again after trying Jamaica, as it’s one of the few destinations that offers something for everyone, and it really takes more vacation to have time to do everything Jamaica has to offer for a family vacation!


Top 10 Mexican Beaches

1) Xpu-ha Beach in Tulum – With a beautiful cove and white talcum powder beaches, Xpu-ha is a bit secluded and perfect for a romantic walk or a peaceful swim. Just a few kilometers south of Cancun, this beach has several beach bars, some all-inclusive resorts and several diving shops. It’s not on the ends of the earth, but you might like it compared to the beaches of more popular resorts.

2) Maroma Beach in Playa del Carmen – Tucked away on the east coast of Mexico, just a few miles from Cancun, Maroma Beach is one of the best kept secrets in Mexico and is perhaps its most interesting and enchanting beach. This is a private strip of sand, close to the luxurious Maroma Hotel, so staying in this top resort is the only way to access the beach, but it’s worth the price.

3) Chacala Beach in Puerto Vallarta – Not too long and a bit wild, Chacala is covert and rarely crowded with tourists. It is a place to look for where locals gather and mix. With a dense jungle on the edge of the beach and several delicious sandy restaurants serving freshly caught fish, Chacala offers a taste of authentic Mexico.

4) Bahias de Huatulco in Oaxaca – With 10 coves and 36 beaches, many of which are accessible only by boat, this belt of beaches delights with its untouched natural beauty and rustic landscape. The best kept secret is Playa Arrocito, a secluded beach in a hidden cove by a rocky cliff. It’s hard to find, but worth the effort.

5) Playa del Amor in Cabo San Lucas – This secluded beach is only accessible by boat and is located where the Pacific Ocean connects the Cortez Sea. Very few beaches in Mexico can match the dramatic ambience, with stunning rock formations jutting out of the azure water. In fact, the rock formations are some of the most famous in Mexico and are found on many postcards.

6) Mayakoba Beach along the Maya Riviera – a private beach for Mayakoba Fairmont guests, this tempting strip of sand will enchant the most uninvited travelers with its beautiful restaurant, peaceful pool and shady cabins. Isolated and quiet, Mayakoba will not disappoint.

7) North beach on Isla Mujeres – Right in front of the noisy Cancun is the beautiful North beach, a place with wide sand, calm bathing waters and a small number of tourist crowds or suppliers dealing with goods. With blue, cloud-covered skies above and calm waters stretching as far as the eye can see, North Beach is a real treat.

8) Four Seasons Punta Minta in Punta Minta – A few north of Puerto Vallarta are some of the best Mexican beaches. One in particular can be found in the luxurious Four Seasons, where a white sandy beach meets the turquoise sea. The water here is calm and shallow which makes this a great beach for swimming.

9) Playa Zicatela in Puerto Escondido – One of the best Mexican surfing beaches and one of the 10 best surfing beaches in the world, Playa Zicatela is not only beautiful but also a fun place to gather, dine in one of the many affordable restaurants and watch surfing on leads.

10) Playa La Ropa in Zihuatanejo – along with delicious restaurants and stunning ocean views, Playa al Ropa gets the basics right and is a welcome place for tourists looking for uncomplicated sunbathing and relaxing relaxation.


Ski camps in Bariloche, Argentina – are they safe for children?

Many parents are unsure whether sending their children abroad to their favorite winter sport will be safe or not. Obviously, parents will be concerned about such problems, but the ski camps in Bariloche guarantee their services to look after every child in the city during their stay there.

The small town of Bariloche in Argentina, located on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, is a safe haven for skiers. This city amidst beautiful mountains offers a pleasant environment for ski lovers of all ages. The various summer snow programs conducted by a multitude of ski guides ensure a lot of care for your child.

Many companies even have records of successful attendance of clients aged 12-18 over 7 years. Counselors and coaches will lead the entire program by keeping a day-to-day supervision of your child. This tour can be an all-inclusive trip for your child, who in addition to enjoying the pleasures of skiing may also learn Castellano, a version of Spanish, staccato, which is spoken in this region and mingle with children from countries like Mexico, USA, Brazil , Spain, Ireland and others.

Things you need to know before sending your baby

You may be wondering how your child will manage all the trips, especially by changing the airport terminal to Bariloche. Good companies that offer such reservations will present your child with an exclusive airport shuttle service. Once your child is disembarked from the plane, they will need to go through customs that can be run by English-speaking airline authorities. As soon as your child clears customs, a travel company representative will direct him / her to the shuttle to the domestic airport. As soon as your child reaches Bariloche, another representative will bring him to the camp in Cerro Catedral. This whole procedure is repeated on the way back.

With such care, you can be sure that your child is completely in safe hands. During the stay, your child, based on his skills and the goal of the session, will be accepted for any free or side riding or skills in the park. A trainer will be present during these sessions to help your child. All campers are designed to carry Avalanche Beacon, Probe and Shovel for avalanche protection. The staff of these companies is AIARE certified for protection against avalanches and hinterlands.

You can be in contact with your protégés because base camps have a fixed connection, from where children can call you and vice versa. Various cultural events are performed regularly, providing abundant opportunities to get to know the local culture. Although the place is safe, children are advised to guard their property carefully as pickpockets sometimes occur. Another tip is to order travel insurance before you send your children here, if services from a nearby clinic or Sanitario San Carlos de Bariloche hospital become necessary, payment may be charged to your health insurance.