Places to visit and facts to know about plastic surgery at sea

In April 2005, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) published a report that apparently contradicted a trip abroad for surgery. Without proper research, it would be concluded that traveling abroad for plastic surgery is a bad choice. Perhaps ASPS statements provide only information that could weigh the risk or cost savings of medical tourism. Below is the context from the briefing work.

“The tourism of cosmetic surgery is a price-hit phenomenon that has seen an increase in the last ten years. Numerous companies offering comprehensive holiday packages that include cosmetic surgery are popping up around the world and are easy to find online. highly trained “and” credible “medical staff. Because cosmetic surgery electives are not covered by insurance, price is a major selling point in cosmetic surgery tourism because overall vacation / surgery packages cost less than individual procedures in the United States.”

The context is obviously true, but ASPS has strongly favored cosmetic surgery which is a price-oriented phenomenon. Society members are working to address the cost crisis of their medical procedures. Their goal is to devise lower costs and less invasive techniques, however, American cosmetic surgeons are not able to compete on price with their counterparts in Central and South America and Asia.

ASPS also encourages potential complications, unsatisfactory outcomes, and general health risks that may arise. The Society warns that it may be difficult to assess the training and credibility of surgeons outside the United States. Patients can take risks when choosing a vacation in cosmetic surgery by unconsciously choosing unqualified doctors and performing procedures in non-accredited surgical facilities.

According to Jeff Schult in his book Beauty from afar, “A patient who has done enough research is very unlikely to end up in such a position, but must be mentally prepared not to complete surgery if serious doubts arise, even if it means reducing your losses to the detriment of traveling there.

It is recommended that patients first consult their personal physician before going abroad for plastic surgery. Extensive research followed by personal advice from other patients treated abroad should also be done. Patients should use the internet and look for medical tourism sites that offer a profile of their surgeon. Most medical tourism agencies offer their patients a review and verification page via chat, email, or voice call. Also look for suppliers who offer clinics that have high standard surgical equipment and facilities. In this way, patients can be sure of the outcome of their surgery.

Which country offers the operation I need?

Argentina – Argentina is one of the best choices for plastic surgery. Plastic surgery in Argentina has recently increased demands in recent years. The number of tourists has grown from year to year by about 10% since 2003, and Argentina has proven to be especially popular among British visitors. The number of tourists from Great Britain increased by more than a quarter (27%) compared to last year, and an increasing number of Britons come to Argentina for plastic surgery. Surgeons ’clinics in Buenos Aires began filling with foreigners soon after the economy imploded and the currency devalued in 2002. As a result, plastic surgery in Argentina costs about a third of the price in the UK.

Mexico – Among the border countries, plastic surgery in Mexico is undoubtedly a good choice for patients looking for a cheap but quality product. According to the U.S. State Department, more than 15 million U.S. citizens head south from the border each year to acquire quality cheap plastic surgery in Mexico. Mexican surgeons have their own English websites where they publish their credentials, years of training and accreditations. Another great advantage of plastic surgery in Mexico is the proximity. With just a few hours of travel, American patients can get quality service from Mexican surgeons.

costa rica – With the medical communities involved in medical tourism since the 1970s, every patient seeking affordable plastic surgery in Costa Rica gives positive testimonials about the country’s expertise in medicine. Potential patients craving affordable plastic surgery in Costa Rica are convinced by the oral surrender of former patients who underwent their medical procedures in the country. Plastic surgery in Costa Rica attracts patients because of its price, but patients are coming back again because of its quality.

Brazil – Among the countries that are rapidly maturing in the business of medical tourism, Brazil has the greatest potential. Brazil is not a place for unqualified doctors, the country is solid with the reputation of its surgeons. The quality of plastic surgery in Brazil is perfect for the average North American or European who wants quality medical procedures at a lower price than that offered locally. Plastic surgery in Brazil is one of the most important options for superior aesthetic remodeling.