How to have 25+ romantic honeymoon trips a year, at a lower price than the price of one

As our wedding anniversary approaches … and this will be our twelfth! It occurs to me that so far we have not taken a romantic honeymoon vacation. Shame on us!

With work commitments and growing children. Extra bills popping up and robbing a jar of cookies, time has just flown by without pursuing exotic vacation dreams.

I wonder if other married couples changed their lives for bills, mortgages and filled the holidays with chores around the house during their fun times?

I am so excited today because we will soon change our stagnant situation and return to our “honeymoon”. This will be our second honeymoon, and looking at the statistics, we won’t be spending even close to what they say they are spending their honeymoon these days!

Honeymooners spend an average of about $ 4,000 on that one trip. That’s more than the average adult in the U.S. spends on a family vacation or vacation.

There are many options available, perhaps a cheaper way to make a dream trip come true. But why would anyone be satisfied with just one trip, when they can be more than 25+ years old for life, for the same amount of money?

There is a way for newlyweds or anyone who wants to travel on this issue to have a life journey every year for the rest of their lives!

Seaside Travel Club; the club with ten years of experience offers its members the possibility of a lifetime vacation from 25+ to almost free vacations per year.

In fact, coastal holidays partners with over 30 different licensed and customs travel providers, and thus offer the lowest priced holidays anywhere.

These are full vacations. Unlimited one-bedroom apartments stay in over 200 international locations, in 5-star hotels, resorts and apartments for less than $ 400 per week, with no presentations or ownership obligations.

There are hundreds of bonus holidays of 2 nights and 3 days stay in popular tourist destinations around the world. And they are offered at wholesale prices up to 85% lower prices.

Hotel, apartment and resort rooms that are usually rented for $ 300 per night can cost $ 300 for a week’s stay. And in most cases, members are only required to pay for a living room in the amount of about $ 8 per night.

These holidays in the Coastal Travel package lead to the main destinations that statistics say the newlyweds travel.

10 percent of newlyweds cruise on their honeymoon.

37 percent of honeymoon trips go to home locations; 63 percent are foreigners. The leading destinations are Las Vegas, Hawaii, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

40 percent of the honeymoon will stay at a resort as opposed to 27 percent at a large hotel and 10 percent at a small hotel.

*[Sources: Association of Bridal Consultants, Bridal Guide, Condé Nast Bridal Group, Fairchild Bridal Infobank,, National Bridal Service, National Center for Health Statistics, “You’re Getting Married,” The New Yorker, 4/21/03, Travel Industry Association of America.]

A coastal holiday club membership also offers unlimited cruises on the Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. And they recently added all the included vacations that include alcoholic beverages as part of the package!

The Coastal Vacation Package also includes 20 membership cards that entitle members to discounts on hotels, restaurants, car rentals, roadside assistance, cable car tickets, golf car access, water park access, and more.

The Coastal Vacations travel package is worth well over $ 15,000, and the travel package can be purchased at a one-time cost of $ 1,295, which is much less than could be paid for just one cruise offered in the package.

Coastal vacations have allowed our family to change the way we spend our vacation time. These holidays are for us or we can give them away. We are proud to be able to give some of them to friends who are getting married! And we can continue with any of them throughout the year and for life!

I have a big smile on my face as I see the 2nd, 3rd, 4th honeymoon with 85% savings on the horizon in the very near future!

You know what else brings a smile to my face? The fact that the coastal tourist club also offers us a way to earn the money we spend on our travels without taking away family time.

Now that we’re back home on vacation, a business with a coastal vacation club membership will generate extra money and will be waiting for us in our mailbox!

All I can think of is … what an amazing way for newlyweds to start their life and future together!

Honeymoon investment that still gives and gives savings of up to 85%; for a lifetime Plus a way to bring in extra money that can go to other wedding bills you created while creating your dream wedding. Extra deposit money for that new home you want to buy. For the clothes and education of your children. Your future. Possible early retirement! And towards the growing number of honeymoon vacations! That’s the main thing I wish I had when I first got married!

Congratulations on your new life together!