Exploring the ancient cities of the world

One of the most prized parts of a luxury trip, either locally or in another country, is the part where the ancient ruins, formations or buildings of a particular destination are explored. For some tourists, this is the segment of escape that they look forward to the least, but still decide because it is part of their comprehensive journey. What we often overlook is the part that, when we see these destinations with the naked eye, gives us an insight into what life used to be like. We hope to do justice to some of the most magnificent and historically richest cities in the world.

Machu Picchu in Peru. The ruins of this ancient Inca civilization are usually promoted for its mysterious and borderline dark beauty. While it is true that the ruins are beautiful (the Incas are still best known for their enigmatic walls), the things we don’t see make them more interesting. Here’s a tip: to better appreciate a trip to this ancient city, schedule a tour of its secret museum – the Museo de Sitio Manuel Chávez Ballón. Be sure to use this trip if it is not part of your all-inclusive travel offer.

Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The holy temples in this city are just part of a package of what is one of the most magnificent destinations in the world. This historic site built hundreds and hundreds of years ago was dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, and the gods must have favored it for its ultimate perfection in terms of balance and proportion. Angkor Wat has truly served one of its purposes with its beauty, and that is to become a model of the cosmic world on Earth.

Mont Saint Michel in France. Speaking of beautiful places of worship, this stunning building on the French border is also a candidate. In ancient times, monks sought a secluded place that was preferably elevated so that they could physically approach God. The abbey at the top of this “mountain” is believed to have believed that the Archangel Michael took a bishop to build a church so tall and powerful, which resulted in this breathtaking church.

Teotihuacan in Mexico. In this ancient city you will find pyramids that are just as beautifully spooky as those in Giza. In fact, one of them, the Pyramid of the Sun, has approximately the same base as the Great Pyramid of Khufu. In addition to outstanding architecture, these buildings are also proof of how much ancient people in Mexico knew about astronomy. The solar pyramid is located in the center of all other structures, interestingly reflecting the solar system.

If you’re wondering why Rome isn’t part of this list, it’s because so much can be learned about the city, and the clip wouldn’t do justice to what it offers. In this article, look for a list of places you must see when traveling in Rome in luxury!